Friday, September 2, 2016

Rajput VeetBhatti Residents Complain about Ignorant PMC

Adding a new dimension to the everyday trouble of traffic in Pune, is the situation created in Rajput Veet Bhatti Road near Erandawane.This is the road which connects riverside road and Erandawane. As this is a privately owned property and not a corporation owned and constructed road, residents of this area are demanding that this road should be closed.
Residents here say that the continuous congestion of traffic on this road causes a lot of nuisance for them. They have repeatedly complained with PMC for closing down this road which is a private area. Pune corporation has not addressed this problem and has been ignoring it for many days. 
Pune is all set to become smart under the central Government's 'Smart City Mission' Phase 1. However, if the city is really becoming smart, is the question. PMC has to be active and responsive towards citizens' complaints.

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